VP Membership Information

Important Information for VP Members

VP Member registration and room reservations for VP Members are new and improved.
Until now, VP Members registered and made reservations through the VP Members homepage, but to make things more convenient for you, it is possible to do all of that directly from the top-page of the regular hotel page.

Members should still use the same login information (e-mail address and password).

New VP Member Registration

VP Member e-mail address registration

How to Reserve a Room

1.Visit our webpage >> http://asovilla.jp

2.On the left side check for rooms where it says, “check vacancies

3.After you choose an exclusive VP Member Plan, please continue to the “VP Member Login”

For more information about the reservation process please click here.

How to make reservations as a VP Member

VRegistration for new VP Members/ How to re-register for guests making reservations