Local Sight Seeing Attraction Guide

Local Sight Seeing Attraction Guide
Aso abounds in natural beauty
Why not enjoy the clean mountain air, beautiful sights of nature hiking or sight seeing, dining or making the rounds of famous springs?

Optional Tours

Caldera tour
Exclusive tour for lodgers
This is a special tour, which will give you a taste of the hospitality you will only find in Aso. The Aso Caldera Tour is full of the magic of the natural beauty of Aso. The beautiful views and the tour change with the seasons. Please do participate in a tour that suits your fancy. Make the memories of your trip more colorful.
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Ride a bus line all you like with 7 routes and a low flat rate.Yokaro Bus
Exclusive tour for members
Travel up and down Kyushu on the Yokaro Bus! Yokaro is a members only bus that allows you to ride as much as you like for 4,000 yen a year. It travels from Hirado to Kurokawa to Takeda to Yufuin to Usuki. It is a great service which will allow you to come visit Aso at your leisure as many times as you like.
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