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Room Guide

Relax in any of the spacious buildings of our resort: “Honkan (Main Building)”, “Omer”, “Bungakukan”, “Shoryu”

(Japanese-western style and western style rooms)
Flower Room
(Western style rooms)
Rose Chable (Wester rooms)
Voir (Western style rooms)
Main Building (Japanese Style rooms)

Usage of venues

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Venue ●Grand hall 400 seat capacity (417m2)
●Flower hall 500 seat capacity (472 m2)
●Liberty (580m2)
●Ohiroma 200 seat capacity (258m2)
●Kocho 100 seat capacity (149m2)
Maximum capacity 863 guests
AC- air conditoning and heating AC- air conditoning and heating installed
Baths- main building 3F 60 people/ 2 locations (15 faucets/15 showers)
30 people/ 2 locations (8 faucets/ 8 showers)
Wash basins 134 installed in each room, 12 in other various locations
Rest Rooms 134 (every room) 12 men's-rooms and 12 ladies-rooms in various locations
Broadcast capabilities All buildings, all wings and all floors separate broadcasts possible.
Elevators Main building, Voir
Meeting area Lobby
Emergency Gathering Point Parking Lot
Emergency Exits Emergency lighting, signage along both sides, and down the center of the halls and stair cases. At the bottom of each staircase there is an emergency exit to the outside. On the first floor, it is possible to exit the building via the windows. There are open spaces just outside every emergency exit.
Fire/Disaster prevention equipment All buildings are equipped with smoke alarms, each floor is outfitted with fire-hoses and hydrants, fire extinguishers, heat sensors, emergency generators and fire shutters. We also have a manager responsible for disaster preparedness.
Amusement Facilities video game arcade
Vending machines soft drinks, cigarettes, adult beverages (you can restrict access to cigarette and alcohol vending machines)
Valuables Each room has bag which can be left in the front desk's safe.
Room key Possible upon request
Gathering Place yes (parking area in front of the hotel)
Local Entertainment Aso Tiger Dance (30 minutes) Taiko drums (15 minutes) reservation and performance fee required
Bus Parking 30 spaces for Bus parking
Bus loading area Right in front of main entrance
Remarks 1.Western food available
2.Kurhaus Omer student discount available
3.It is possible to have a building (Voir) all to yourself if your school has more that 200 guests
Public Health Aso Public Health Center
1203 Uchinomaki
Aso, Kumamoto
Police Aso Police Station
Aso, Kumamoto
Fire Department Aso Fire Department
1423-1 Kurokawa
Aso, Kumamoto
Hospital Aso Medical Center
1266 Kurokawa
Aso, Kumamoto

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