Onsen Hot Springs

If you have come to Aso, you need to experience the luxury of the hot springs!
We offer two bathhouse locations: Onsen “Yurari” with outdoor “rotenburo” hot springs, saunas and family sized tubs and Kurhaus Resort “Omer” where you can enjoy our indoor spa year round in a bathing suit. Each has a view of the 5 peaks of Aso and the rim of the outer crater. Even if you are not staying over as a guest of the hotel, you are welcome to visit the onsen and spa.

※We hope you understand, the usage is impossible now because of repairing work.

About the water and its benefits of the hot springs of this hotel

Composition and temperature sulfates, carbonated onsen, hypotonic, neutral, hot spring
Good for nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, sore shoulders, motor numbness, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic constipation, sensitivity to cold, convalescing, recovering from general fatigue, and promote general health

This hot spring also helps with
cuts, burns, chronic skin conditions and hardened blood vessels
If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you MUST NOT use this hot spring. Anyone suffering symptoms of an illness (especially fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, serious heart conditions, difficulty breathing, renal failure, any sort of bleeding, any other sort of contagious condition

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Indoor Spa Kurhaus Resort Omer

Fun for all ages! An indoor spa where you can enjoy hot spring waters in a bathing suit.
Kurhaus Omer, where you can enjoy 16 kinds of baths in a bathing suit year round, is modeled after the German children's baths.
Hours of operation 17:00-21:00/Weekday
15:00-21:00/Before holiday
10:00-21:00/Dec. 31th - Jan. 2nd
Depending on the circumstances, facilities might be closed.
Admittance Fee Lodgers
Adults (junior high school and older) 950 yen/ children (3 and older) 350 yen
*Please bring the towel from your room.
General public (residents of Aso-shi use the above rates)
Adults (junior high school and older) 1,250 yen/ children (3 and older) 650 yen
*There is a separate fee for towels.

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Onsen “Yurari”

A large bath and outdoor “rotenburo” where you can stretch out and relax
“Sunrise”, “Blue Sky”, “Sunset” and “Starry Sky” all day for 10 minutes at a time six different patterns are displayed on the ceiling to help you feel more comfortable. The outdoor spring and family baths have all been designed with universal access in mind so that it is a space where everyone can relax.
Hours of operation 5:30-10:00/12:00-24:00
*Tuesdays 5:30-10:00/15:00-24:00
Admittance Fee Adults 550 yen (Aso residents 350 yen)
Children (3 and older) 250 yen (Aso residents 250 yen)

Private Family Baths

Spend a healthy time as a couple or family
There are 3 private baths: “Stars”, “Dreams” and “Healing”. Wheelchairs can be taken into “Healing” and a caregiver can also accompany the guest into the bath.
A reservation is required to use any of the private baths. Please make reservations when you check in.
Hours of operation 6:00-10:00/12:00-24:00
*Tuesdays 6:00-10:00/15:00-24:00
Admittance Fee lodgers 50 minutes 2,000 yen (reservation required)
general public 50 minutes 2,000 yen +550 yen per adult/250 yen per child (reservation required)

Tenbou Onsen (a hot spring with a view)

Enjoy the exceptional hot waters while taking in a grand panoramic view of Aso
The Tenbou Onsen located on the third floor of the main building is a spacious bath, which boasts an amazing view. From the bath you can see Mt. Neko and Mt. Taka at the same time in a magnificent natural panorama spread out before you.
Hours of operation 6:00-9:00/16:00-23:00
*Please understand that there are times when part of the bath might be unavailable die to necessary maintenance.
Admittance Fee Free for lodgers
*Not open to the general public

Vacancies and Reservations