Food lovingly prepared with carefully chosen ingredients
There are many places to eat at Aso’s Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort. There are numerous dining options from Japanese cuisine to buffets, local delicacies and breakfasts. We have a complete goushi, or country samurai, meal waiting for you.

Japanese Restaurant “Shokusaikan”

A restaurant which skillfully presents the beautiful cuisine of Higo
Hidden on the B1 level of the hotel is a homey restaurant. Our chef lovingly prepares dishes with seasonal ingredients carefully chosen from Kumamoto and around Kyushu.
Chicken neck sukiyaki kaiseki
3,240 yen
Aso Lava Kaiseki
4,320 yen
Japanese Brown Cattle Sirloin Steak Kaiseki
5,940 yen
High-grade Basashi
1,944 yen
Daught Beer
648 yen
(during 5/2-5/5 and 12/31-1/2 high-season rates apply)
Hours 18:00-21:30 (Last Order 20:30)

Buffet Restaurant “Papillion”

While taking in the view of the 5 peaks of Aso
Eat as much as you like of our best dishes in this buffet style restaurant. You can take in the natural beauty of Aso and enjoy your meal in this restaurant which is brightly lit from its windows.
Evening Buffet
Steak and sushi prepared for you before your very eyes. Our menu is full of the best that Aso has to offer.
Adult (junior high school student and older)
4,000 yen (tax not included) during 5/2-5/5 and 12/31-1/2 5,500 yen (tax not included)
Children (elementary school students)
2,000 yen ( tax not included) during 5/2-5/5 and 12/31-1/2 2,500 yen (tax not included)
oung Children (3 years or older)
1,200 yen (tax not included) during 5/2-5/5 and 12/31-1/2 2,500 yen (tax not included)
Hours 18:00-21:00 (Last order 20:30)

Izakaya “Tenku”

A spacious Showa-Era restaurant where you can relax.
Local cuisine using horse meat, Kumamoto ramen, the chef's famous fried chicken are among the many menu items at Tenku. There is also a wide variety of shochu from all over Kyushu.
Hours 12:00-13:30 (Lunch time)
18:00-01:00 (Dinner time open 365 days a year)
*Last order for food is midnight, Last call for drinks is 00:30

Authentic Korean Cuisine Barbecue “Miyako”

The Popular Korean Barbecue Restaurant “Miyako” has a location in Aso
The Popular Korean Barbecue Restaurant “Miyako” has a location in Aso. Miyako was founded in the notoriously competitive gourmet market of Hakata more than 50 years ago. Miyako is a Korean barbecue restaurant, which has always brought you delicious and trustworthy authentic Korean cuisine over the years.
Hours 18:00-24:00 (last order 23:00)
*Please contact us for arranging lunchtime events


Skillfully bringing you the tastes of Higo
We are prepared to host any number of social events from receptions to ballroom dances.

Cafe “Pathos”

Please enjoy a leisurely relaxing time with a garden view.
The cold brewed coffee made with Aso’s natural water has a mild and refined taste.
Hours 7:00-22:00

Breakfast (Buffet Restaurant)

While taking in the view of the 5 peaks of Aso
We are especially proud of our breakfast, which includes our original fresh baked bread and, depending on the season, fresh vegetables from our own farm “Aso no Tsukasa Noen”. There is an extensive menu including: Eggs fried fresh for you before your very eyes, our popular sandwiches, Kumamoto shiokoji azuki bean pastry, and other local Kumamoto favorites like chikuwa salad. Start your day full of energy with a hearty breakfast.
Hours 7:00-9:30 (last order 9:00)

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