Free Choice Plan


What is the Free Choice Plan?

At The Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort there are a wide variety of lodging options to meet your needs.

  In order to freely create your own individual plan, you may choose your room type and style of cuisine (Japanese buffet, Japanese Kaiseki, Asian BBQ, or Japanese Izakaya). You can choose any combination you like.

  By becoming a VP member, you can take advantage of our member system and receive a further 20% discount on your lodging fee.
-This discount only applies to reservations made directly through the hotel and the Free Choice Plan. Other advantages of becoming a VP member include 15% off at hotel restaurants including your guests, so there are surprising benefits associated with becoming a member including the offers below!


How to make the most of your Free Choice Plan

Recommendation for large groups!

At The Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort there are a number of restaurants to enjoy; from traditional Japanese to buffets, local specialties such as basashi and more.- In a large group you can use the Free Choice Plan to choose dining options to please everyone in your party.
Recommendation for large groups!


VP Members (It’s free to register!) receive numerous benefits!


Reservations and inquiries may be made by telephone

The room types you may choose from are here.


The types of cuisine you may choose are here.

img_freechoice08Japanese restaurant,
img_freechoice08Buffet Restaurant,
img_freechoice08Izakaya Tenku
img_freechoice08Korean BBQ,