A comfortable massage that will untangle your heart
After a visit to the onsen, after a meal or before you turn in for the night
Relieve stress and reduce fatigue by having pressure applied to the muscles of your entire body.
*The massage is for relaxation only. It is not intended to be a medical treatment.

Foot Care Menu

10 minute course
1,200 yen
A focused massage to stimulate the soles of your feet
This massage will increase organ function and make it easier to flush waste from the body.
15 minute course
2,100 yen
A full foot massage from the soles of the feet to the ankles
Increases organ function and good care for tired feet
30 minute course
3,000 yen
This is the standard massage, which will allow you to relax while you are massaged from the soles of your feet to your knees.
We will take our time and give you a thorough massage below the knees.

Body Care Menu

30 minute body massage course
3,000 yen
This is a massage, which focuses on your neck, shoulders and back
It feels so good that you might fall asleep
15 minute hand massage course
1,500 yen
Receive a gentle massage from the tips of your fingers to your elbows
Give your hard working hands a little sympathy and relaxation

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