Botanical Gardens

The natural beauty of Aso's plain and the colorful season's mountain grass
The botanical garden set in a 3.3km2 space is one of the largest in the Aso region. There are 13 different gardens including a rose garden, herb garden and German iris garden. Please come view the flowers in Aso's cool mountain breeze. We also offer flower workshops.

Hands-on class using flowers

Baby Leaf Class
Participation fee 500 yen for 1
Grow leafy vegetables from seed. You can take it home with you and enjoy harvesting it in about 3 weeks!

garden map

Seasonal sprouts are mainly kept here as well as classes for making chips out of seasonal vegetables.
Season: Year round
2Herb Garden
Plants, which are used as spices are generally called herbs. Herbs are used in food, medicine and indoor decorations. In this garden there are 100 plants of 20 varieties, which are well suited for the cold; mostly thyme.
Blooming season: Early February through late November
3Rock Garden (Wild Grass Garden)
A rock garden is a garden, which uses rocks, trees and mountain grasses to create a natural view. This is a modern garden, which is the first in Kyushu, and made to temper the European architecture of this hotel with the natural environment of Aso. There are more than 550 kinds of wild grass planted in the garden with boulders from Mt. Aso.
Blooming season: End of March through the beginning of October
4Blueberry Garden
Blueberries are divided into two types: rhododendron and vaccinium. It is a deciduous fruit plant from North America. In this garden we grow a type of blueberry that does well in warm weather. The blueberry's flower is a small flower, which resembles a small bell. They have many adorable flowers that you can enjoy. During harvest season we also have blueberries for sale, so please try them for yourself.
花Blooming season: End of April through the end of May
Harevst season: Beginning of July through the end of August
5Tea Flower Garden
The Japanese tea ceremony uses flowers, which are simple but elegant. In this garden there are roughly 300 varieties of flowers. There are also many varieties of mountain grass in the rock garden, so please see both.
Blooming season: Beginning of March through the beginning of October
6Rose Garden
There are around 280 varieties of rose in the wild in all regions of the northern hemisphere. Roses have been cultivated since antiquity and France is at the center of rose cultivation. The potpourri (scented) sold at this hotel uses handpicked roses from our botanical gardens, so please take a look it as well.
*potpourri may be out of stock depending on the season
Blooming season: Middle of May through the middle of August
7Peony Garden
In the Ranunculales family and Paeonia lactiflora or Chinese peony, the ones on a tree are called botan and the ones on stems are called shakuyaku. Shakuyaku has been cultivated in China as a medicinal and decorative flower for more than 1500 years. In this garden, you will find American, French, and Chinese peonies among the 70 different kinds of flowers planted here.
Blooming season: Middle of May through the end of May
8Higo Flower Garden
The 6 flowers of Higo refer to the flowers (Camellia, Mountain Tea Blossom, Chinese Peony, Iris, Morning Glory and Chrysanthemum cultivated mainly by samurai of the Higo Domain during the Edo period. For a long time the flowers were kept as hidden treasures and called “dream flowers” and their final cultivation was the source of much competition.
In recent years, they have become well known throughout the world having been opened up to the public. This garden was made in honor of Takaoki Koide who spent his life in the conservation and cultivation of the Higo Iris.
Blooming season: Camellia- February through April, Shakuyaku (Chinese Peony)- April through May, Iris- May through July, Morning Glory- July through August, Chrysanthemum-November through December, Mountain Tea Blossom- November through February
9Vegetable Harvesting House
You can experience harvesting seasonal vegetables.
*Call for information about reservations and harvest times
10German Iris Garden
The German iris has been loved for a long time in Europe and America by many people as a decorative flower in gardens. It is also called the rainbow flower.
Viewing season: Late May to the middle of June
11Hemerocallis / Daylily
The daylily was bred in Europe and America.
There are many varieties with flowers ranging in size from 24cm to 5 cm
It is called a daylily because it only blooms for one day.
Viewing season: Early July to late July
12Camellia (Tsubaki) garden
Found in temperate and subtropical areas, which have lots of rain.
Especially in China, there are many varieties of Camellia to be found.
In Japan there are also numerous varieties such as <Edo Tsubaki>, <Kyo Tsubaki>, <Yuki Tsubaki>, <Higo Tsubaki>. We have about 200 trees in our garden to have about 200 kinds of Japanese and Western camellias.
Viewing season: Early March to late April
13Shakunage <Rhododendron> Garden
There are two kinds of azaleas: flowers with hair in the back of the leaves are called azaleas while flowers without hair on the back of their leaves are called rhododendrons. They are mainly found in high mountainous areas and are called the “queen of the high peaks”. There are roughly 300 varieties of Japanese and Western rhododendrons in this garden.
Viewing season: Late April to mid June

Blooming and harvest times are only estimates. The exact time is greatly influenced by a weather conditions. Please contact us for the latest information about which flowers are in bloom.

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