JFA approved Soccer Field "asovigo"

  • JFA approved Soccer Field "asovigo"
  • Aso's Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort's soccer field is JFA official manmade turf! Enjoy playing soccer in a comfortable atmosphere!


Conditions of Use

No fire
No fire, smoking or use of fire on, around or near the soccer field is strictly prohibited. (please smoke in designated areas)

Field Rules
  • In order to protect the turf, metal cleats are not allowed
  • Food and drink on the field are strictly prohibited (including gum)
  • The only liquid permitted on the field for hydration (drinking) is water.
  • Please refrain from bringing any other kind of drinks including sports drinks on to the field.
  • Please contact the front desk or field office first to use the field.
  • Time of use includes preparation and clean up time.
  • You are responsible for any accident, injury and your own valuables.
  • Please take home and garbage with you and bring your own garbage bags.
  • Please do not bring pets
  • Please be aware that there are sections of the field that might be locked and off limits due to maintenance.
  • Please be advised that there may be charges for damage to equipment, or the turf to individuals or groups.

Vacancies and Reservations