If you have come to Aso, you need to experience the luxury of the hot springs!
There are many facilities at Aso’s Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort including the JFA certified soccer field, Asovigo, and the indoor spa,Omer.

Kurhaus Resort Omer

The indoor spa, which you can enjoy in a bathing suit as a family, a couple or with everybody.
Starting with relaxing baths and Jacuzzis, there are also lie down baths, whirlpools, baths for children, and saunas in the kurhaus.
Omer is a place for the whole family, which is one of the most popular attractions at Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort.

JFA approved Soccer Field "asovigo"

Enjoy a game of Play soccer on an authentic pitch in Aso’s mountain air.
Soccer is even more fun on a JFA certified pitch. Asovigo supports full standard, junior and futsal. We recommend it for training camps and groups who love soccer.

Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the four seasons
Aso’s Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort has a botanical garden with beautiful seasonal flowers blooming each season of the year. There are many different types of gardens including a rose garden, hydrangea garden, herb garden and others that you can enjoy.


The flexibility to accommodate any sized group small to large; up to 600 people.
We have many different halls big and small to meet your needs. Whether it is for educational trips, conferences, training camps, research trips or ceremonies.

Reception Halls

The flexibility to accommodate any sized group small to large; up to 600 people.
Whether it is a Japanese style room, western style room or a room with a view of the 5 peaks of Aso, there are many types of rooms available to meet your needs. We can also rearrange rooms to meet your specific needs depending on numbers and purpose.


You can find souvenirs from Kumamoto and Aso here!
It is needless to say that we carry souvenirs related to Aso, but there are also souvenirs from all around Kumamoto, various varieties of shochu and popular Kumamon character goods.
Also, In the morning next to the front desk, there is a “Seasonal Products Stall” which offers fresh fish, fruit and other products. When you check out, please take a look.


Enjoy the comfort of “Hand Relaxation”
After a dip in the hot springs, or a meal, or before you turn in for the night, refresh your spirit and loosen up your body to the core with a good massage.

Vacancies and Reservations