A European resort within view of Highway 57
A European style resort hotel you can enjoy like none other full of flowers, art and baths.
In a location with a beautiful view of the outer rim and conveniently located for trips with the family, a group or a weekend drive with friends.

Real-Time Camera for Milk Road


【Information for traffic at the date of November 1st, 2016】
※Please do come via the Milk Road because National Route 57 in Tateno is closed.

Sorry, but it takes you about 15 minutes longer than usual.

※JR Line is took off at Higo-Ozu Station.

Use the bus service from Higo-Ozu to Aso.

Access Information

From Aso-Kumamoto Airport

From Aso-Kumamoto Airport

【Airlines】 Regular flights
Aso-Kumamoto Airport Liner(Aso-Kumamoto Airport~Higo-Ozu) runs normally.
Timetable for Aso-Kumamoto Airport Liner → http://www.oaso-ozu.com/airline/download/EN.pdf

by JR Line / Bus

by JR Line / Bus

【Kyushu Shinkansen】】Running on all sections 
※ But only under conditions at reduced speed
【JR Houhi Line】
Kumamoto Sta. ~ Higo-Ozu Sta. : Normal running
Higo-Ozu Sta. ~ Miyagi Sta. : In operatig the bus service
Timetable for JR Houhi Line → http://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/top_info/pdf/902/160627houhijikoku.pdf

【Hinokuni Line(Highway Bus)】Normal running
Timetable → http://www.kyusanko.co.jp/sankobus/toshikan/hinokuni/
【Kyushu Odan Bus】Taking a detour partially
Timetable for Aso, Kuroawa, Yufuin, and Beppu → http://www.kyusanko.co.jp/sankobus/english/table/odantt1.pdf
Timetable for Kumamoto → http://www.kyusanko.co.jp/sankobus/english/table/odantt2.pdf
【Yamabiko Line(Highway Bus)】Buses do not stop Tateno for a while.
Timetable → http://www.kyusanko.co.jp/sankobus/toshikan/yamabiko/

by Car


Run from Kumamoto I.C. to Aso via Route 57, and turn left at an intersection near Michi-no-eki Ozu. By bia Milk Road toward Akamizu, and go back Route 57.

Vacancies and Reservations