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  • Main Building (24 Japanese style rooms)
  • Voir (88 Western Style rooms, 1 Maisonette)
  • Bungakukan (32 Japanese-Western Style rooms, 4 universal access rooms)
  • Flower Room ( 20 western style rooms)
  • Rose Chable (10 western style rooms, 7 Japanese style)
  • Shoryu (5 Special Rooms, 5 semi-special rooms, 5 universal access rooms, 45 Japanese-western rooms)

Hot Springs

  • Onsen, “Yurari”
  • Outdoor bath
  • Family Bath
  • Tenbo (Outlook) bathhouse
  • Kurhaus Resort Omer (bathing suit required, enjoy 16 kinds of baths)


  • Japanese restaurant, Shokusaikan
  • Buffet Restaurant, Papillion
  • Izakaya Tenku
  • Banquet
  • Cafe, Pathos
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Korean BBQ, Miyako

Other facilities

  • Aso Botanical Garden
  • Soccer field “Asovigo”
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May 1965the guest house Aso no Tsukasa opened
August 1966Becomes ryokan Aso no Tsukasa
November 1983Main building, banquet hall and Tenbo (outlook) Bathhouse opened and it was renamed Aso no Tsukasa Villa Park Hotel and Spa Resort.
March 1985Steak house opened
April 1985Opened two tennis courts with night lights
July 1985Opened club “Erina”, and game plaza
March 1986Opened Mountain grass rock garden
May 1986Opened 36 rooms in the Bungakukan, and also the rest of the botanical gardens
August 1988The Flower Hall was opened.
December 1988completed the Herb Garden
March 198920 Flower rooms opened, Crystal Chapel, orchid garden (with 200 varieties).
May 1989Completed the Bungaku botanical garden
April 1991Kurhaus Resort Omer opened, 17 Rose Chable rooms opened, steak is transformed into Dining room Papillion and moved to the 2nd floor of the Kurhaus Resort Omer.
April 199689 rooms of Voir opened, Aso Literature Library opened
January 2001Onsen Yurari opened, Midnight dining Tenku open
May 200560 rooms of Shoryu and meeting room opened
June 2005Sokusaikan opened
July 2006Tenku becomes a soba restaurant shortly thereafter, becomes an izakaya.
August 2007Second onsen well is used
April 2009Soccer Field Asovigo, Italian restaurant SYN opened
August 2011SYN is changed into Yakiniku restaurant Miyako.

Vacancies and Reservations