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C.E.O.  Akiyoshi Kokumai

Masujiro Kokumai, my father, who is a founder of this hotel, opened here the restaurant Aso-no-Tsukasa with the concept “Flowers, Art, and Health” 50 years ago, and he started our hotel business after the following year under his firm vision to create a world-class hotel. Aso-no-Tsukasa Villa Park Hotel and Spa-Resort is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. Thanks to you, today our hotel consists of 257 rooms inside 7 buildings and attracts 142,088 tourists from home and abroad throughout the year. We have been greatly mature as a representative hotel in Aso, and We have received undeserved high evaluation from outside. I feel proud about that I have spent my time with colleagues for 28 years. I appreciate it. My grandfather’s vision is now realistic that Aso will be a world-famous tourist spot.

The outward appearance of this hotel is done using European-style, and looks good in the nature of Aso. On the other hand, we are in middle of renewing the inside of buildings changing Japanese-style with such as floral arrangements, when you take a step into ones. Additionally there is actual nature in Aso. I also feel the most wonderful sight even thogh I have been living in here from my youth. We have plans to use the environment experiencing nature and camping in this summer.

We have 3 facilities for hot springs-an outdoor spa, a family bath, an ovservation bath, and “Kurhaus Resort Omer”--those are very attractive each. Especially you can enjoy “Kurhaus Resort Omer” wearing your swimsuit whenever you like. It is good fame.

A noteworth fact about “Food” is that Aso area was certified as GIAHS, the resistered are only 32 areas in the world. Maneki Green Service Ltd., our affiliated company, provides soothing their minds for customers by protecting flowers in Aso, and also tries to provide safe and trusted ingredients by developing “Aso-no-Tsukasa Noen” with local farmers.

We promise to go on for more satisfying customers with pleasure under the concept “Flowers, Art, and Health”. We will do our best for the good health and happiness of all concerned. We would appreciated your continued cooperation.


C.E.O.  Akiyoshi Kokumai


certified 5 star lodging- awarded

Chosen as one of the top 100 hotel/ryokan in Japan

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